Are you interested in sharing your multi-cultural experiences, culture, research, or profession with students’ from Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky? Help shape the next generation of global thinkers by sharing your culture and story with the students. Empower young people of all ages to navigate the world and explore new perspectives. Make an impact and build a foundation of positive intercultural thinking. Take the first step and complete this general volunteer application.

Ways to volunteer as a Global Speaker for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky students:

Global Guide

As an international student, employee, or scholar living in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, we welcome you to join us in bringing dynamic intercultural learning experiences to students in the classroom, after school, and at special events throughout the year. Visit schools to empower young people of all ages to navigate the world and explore new perspectives. This is a great opportunity to develop your public-speaking and presentation skills, connect with young people, share your culture, and more.

International Speed Networker

Each year during International Education Week, high schools visit Northern Kentucky University campus to participate in the International Education Summit (IES). Over 30 local professionals join for the day to share their international career, experience, culture, and opportunities with students. It is a fun and fast paced way for students to learn more about the international careers right here in our city! It’s your chance to prepare tomorrow’s globally-minded employees.

Global Career Panelist

Connect with students and community members to share what it means to have an international career, how to get into your current career, lifestyle demands, study abroad and language experiences, or subject matter expertise such as international trade and business.

Global Read Aloud

This is a global collaboration project to connect educators and students through read-aloud, founded by an immigrant who believed in the power of books to break down biases and broaden understandings.

Take the first step and fill out this application to join the Global Speakers Bureau is “Sign Up Now” below.

Talk about bringing learning to life and engaging students… the Global Classrooms open the windows of the world to our students without having to leave the school building!”
- Winton Woods-Academy of Global Studies